Towson University - Gymnastics


The 5,000-seat Towson Center Arena was the home of men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and volleyball teams for more than three decades. Over the last 10 years, a number of improvements have been made to keep the facility top-notch venue. The Towson Center Arena now serves as a practice facility for several of the Tiger athletic teams.
A portable wooden floor was added along with several renovated locker rooms, an expanded varsity weight room and upgraded signage and decorated lobby and balcony areas.
Inside the arena, which has 165,000 square feet of floor space, there are classrooms, locker rooms, a research lab, a curriculum center, a fitness center, a varsity weight room, a sports medicine room, a gymnastics room, six racquetball courts and six squash courts. The facility houses nearly 75 faculty and staff members.
The gymnastics practice facility is located in the Towson Center, just off the main arena floor. Tiger gymnasts train in the 8,500 square-foot room, which features a combination of AAI Elite equipment, Tiffin matting along with resi and loose foam pits at each apparatus area.